Location Sound Recording Course

This course will be tailored to the clients’ needs. It is suitable for researchers and assistant producers embarking on an observational shoot.

It is a one day workshop but can be longer depending on the client’s needs and number of participants.

Everything you need to know to record sound on location for a shoot with a boom, 2 radio mics and a 4 channel portable mixer will be covered.

The course includes

  • Setting up audio through the audio and camera chain
  • Techniques for placement of personal mics to avoid rustle and using period drama film techniques to hide the microphone for naturalistic aesthetics in film making or for covert observation.
  • What is phantom power and why do you need it.
  • When to use the boom mic and how to hold it comfortably for long periods of time
  • How to reduce or deal with background noise in order to hear the subjects better.
  • How to keep you and your mic out of shot.
  • What are the limiters for and when should you use them.
  • How to set up the levels through the sound and camera chain.
  • What is a high pass / bass cut filter and when to use it to enhance the sound quality.
  • How to get a feed from a mixing desk.
  • How to tackle noisy environments.
  • Which mics to use : Omni, Bi-directional, shotgun or cardioid?
  • How can you use ‘spot micing’ techniques used in film dramas and candid camera productions
  • Shooting in cars – what you need to know.
  • How to use the combination of radio mics and the boom mic to cover every eventuality  – observational documentaries.

And much more.